Website Design & Development

We design and develop websites according to the latest standards and requirements concentrating on the end-users experience. We create strategy and design solutions for the web. We believe that web design done correctly produces a comprehensive and stylish result.

Transform your website into a winning one

With changing technology and increasing demand of user friendly, site visitors look for functional and eye-catching web pages to do business with. We help you to make a new web site with all the current features as well help you to have a website which helps to boost up your business.

What our clients

Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what our clients think about us? Take a look for yourself in the testimonials page to find out why our clients keep returning to Glue for their projects.

About Sky Art

Sky Art is dedicated in producing perfect and stunning websites, we not only get your message across; but with a dedication to visual beauty and cutting edge functionality, you are ensured the highest quality worldwide.

We at Sky Art believe that web design without a clear business objective is just art. For us, what really matters is getting the right combination of business and art.

Sky Art is a small Web firm which means that we keep a very close relationship with all our clients and that you will always be able to speak to someone you knows. We do not use pre-built design templates or send our work out to other company unless there is a very specific reason to do so or unless the client requests it.

We are on our way to be a leading Web design firm in Sri Lanka.

Why Sky Art believe you’ll like our work

  • We provide the best quality work in the market for our affordable prices.
  • We design your website until it’s completed - guaranteed.
  • We offer an unlimited nos. of corrections and will be happy to work with you on a long-term basis.
  • We are available 24/7 via phone or email to help you with your website.
  • When you call us, you’ll be speaking with same person every time - in other words, you won’t have to keep repeating yourself like when you call other web design companies.

To find out how much your website design or redesign will cost, we will need to provide you with an estimate. When requesting an estimate, please provide as much detail as you can so that we have a clear indication of what you are looking for and can ensure that the estimate is correct.